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The Highlighting Bot Is A Cloud-Based Application That Highlights And Sorts Out The Compliance Evidence From The Pool Of Data. This Unique Product Is A Boon To Those Who Get Mired In The Tiresome And Monotonous Activity Of Segregating And Validating Compliance Evidence.


The Manual Procedures/Processes Involved In The Contractor Compliance Procedure Is Time-Consuming Because It Deals With Contracts Through Emails, Spreadsheets, And A Pool Of Files. As The Number Of Contracts Grows And Organizations Expand, Legal Teams Are Finding It Difficult To Keep Up With Contract Management Requirements.

Our Solution

1. Build A Pool Of Databases For The Company’s Compliance Evidence In The Cloud.

2. Through Filtering, We Can Segregate The Evidence Specific To Their Work Location, Code, Client, Employee, Etc., From The Pool Of The Company’s Database.

Our Results

More Principal Employers Utilizing This Service To Validate Their Compliance Evidence Without Human Intervention. It Enables Firms To Put Their Employees' Valuable Man-Hours In The Best Possible Way.

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